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Tesla Control - Status Screen

Tesla Control icon

Tesla Control icon.

Status Screen

The Status screen displays overall details on the current status of your car.

Drive State

This indicates whether the car is Parked or Driving.

Charging State

This indicates whether the car is currently charging or not. Note: If super-charging is detected that will be indicated.

Vehicle Image

An image representing the specific Tesla model type is displayed. For some Tesla car models, the image may also display door, trunk, frunk and charging port and cable states.

Recent Energy Usage

This value indicates the estimated average energy usage since the last charge. This value is calculated based on Tesla reported factors such as Rated Range (or Typical Range in Europe), Projected Range and nominal energy usage.

The display units of energy usage are either Wh/mi or mi/KWh.

Battery Level Indicator

The green bar and text indicates the battery level reported by Tesla servers for the vehicle as well as either the Rated range (Typical in Europe) or Ideal range (Rated in Europe).

The display units for range are either mi or km.

Last Charge

This section displays the following values since the last charging session as reported by Tesla servers.